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What is lmctplus?

LMCT+ is Australia's biggest rewards club, that not only gives people a chance to win great prizes, but a chance to save thousands of dollars through exclusive discounts from over 600+ businesses Australia Wide.

We've gave away over $10 million in prizes

And generated our partners hundreds of thousands in extra sales.

Our most recent draw

The Platform

It's simple, we have over 450,000 customers that access our platform to utilise exclusive offers from businesses like you. They also get access to Australia's original and best giveaways.

We've also given back over $1,000,000 to our charities and local Aussie businesses. We're running weekly promotional giveaways, which means engagement is high all year long. More engagement = more traffic to your business.

As we've now not only expanded from cars to bikes and boats but we've now stepped into giving away homes to give Aussies a chance to win their dream house!

Take A Sneak Peek Inside

Our famous giveaways

Each and every giveaway has cash prizes than can ONLY be spent with our partners! We've ran over 100 promotions so far with over 300 winners spending their prize money EXCLUSIVELY with businesses like you!

What's In it for me?

When partnering with LMCT+

$200 once off setup fee.

*no ongoing payments*

Here are some of the partners we continue to work with

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